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  • Hi John
    A ticket inspector questioned this morning whether I could use my Clapham Junction to London Terminals season ticket to go from East Croydon to London Bridge. I thought this was fine but would love to have some proof if he asks me again.
    I am addressing you because I believe you have been initiated into the Arcane Mysteries of the Routeing Guide...

    I cannot access PM yet, but am happy to receive emails to ssagmailbox-rail@yahoo.co.uk as this is a disposable address if I get spam.


    Simon (shepthedog)
    Hi John,
    we may be looking for a casual rail agent?
    i see you obviously know your UK rail, how are you on Europe etc?
    Let me know if you are maybe interested
    good morning.. didnt know we could comunicate this way.. I just wanted to say thanks for your answers and advice upt to now
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