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  • Thanks for the tip on freight, another thing to keep in mind. So much to try and cram into the time I've got for the trip!
    Even so, $2,000 is a LOT of money. Around £1,500 without looking at xe.com I think, so I'd be here forever saving that sort of money up. Worth thinking about though, as it does sound worth it.

    Thanks for the link regarding passes, I have little time tonight to look, however I'll have a look at the earliest opportunity. Primarily, my interest is in passenger services but I do have interest in freight too.
    Thanks very much LesS, I shall PM you with requests for information as required, for the moment that may not happen for a while yet as I'm bombarded with work at the moment so not much time to research the trip.

    That Australian rail pass covers travel on The Ghan and such like doesn't it? From what I remember looking at, the price of it was a lot less than 2,000 dollars!
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