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  • Yeah James I'm a driver, there are 4 dials a to d and each are divided into sections with needles on them indicating their level 1-4, 10-50 etc etc. You are given a sheet indicating what each dial and level mean and the priority they are to be responded in. You pick the one that is the highest priority and respond on a multiple choice answer sheet. It would be simple enough but you have to work through as many as you can so speed and accuracy is the key. At least that's how it was.
    Good luck bud the job was a complete career change for me, is great and will change your life ;) (Money ain bad either! haha)
    Hey buddy thanks for your message much appreciated, You mention the dials test, what exactly is that? as the only dials i have ever really looked at are the ones in my dash board, is it explained what each dial is or represents? MPH,REVS,OIL ETC: Also i am practicing the bourden test which is all i can do really for that one, Is there any mathematical questions do you know? or did you have any, also are a train driver now or if not did you fail anything or find one test more difficult than others, Sorry for all the questions But times are hard at the moment and this could literally change mine and my family's lives right now that's how important this is to me i have no choice but to pass, Thanks mate, James
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