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  • Hello Matt,

    Are you having site problems? I'd like to ask a question but I'm not allowed to enter more than 420 characters...

    Hello again Matt,
    My apologies for the above. Original issue seems to have cleared. Not sure if this was a site issue or just local to me at the time - but am stymied by character limit again. Original problem - a couple of images (one in the Sheffield derailment thread, one in the TfW 769 thread) corrupted a whole page. All now seems to be well again.
    Many thanks (apologies for staccato message),
    Hi, what's the best site to buy pictures from for personal use? I prefer a website or app that's dedicated to trains/railway only. I like Railpictures.net but they don't have a buying facility.
    Dear Matt!
    The photos that I put in my post (#38) on the new GBRf´s Class 66 locomotives are publicly available on the website flickr so I did not consider it necessary to specify their origin or the author since nowhere says who he is. The last, sixth, photo wears a logo of the author and it did not occur to me to remove it, although I could have easily done it.
    I see no reason why anyone who wants to make it clear who the author of the photo is would not put a logo on it. It is so easy to find a loto of photographs on the net that do not have named author or source.
    There are people who just want to give away and share their photos with the others and it is not important to them that the whole world knows who has made them.
    I am the person who has voluntarily donated my blood 205 times, mostly for the children with the malignant diseases and it is not important at all to me if their parents or anyone else know who helped those children.

    Nice regards
    Mario Franjic, 47
    I upload new pictures added that was taken today about a hour ago and now it's all been deleted. I can understand the forum needs a tidy up after a while but couldn't you just deleted the old one?
    Hi Matt
    I picked you from the list of moderators as you live in Rugby, as do my parents!
    I posted a new thread yesterday and I was just checking and wondering how long it would take to be moderated and put live if approved? I had a doubt whether I had posted it correctly and didnt think there was a way i can now check?
    Kind Regards
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