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    Things that used to be common place in people’s homes

    Printers? Virtually nobody I know has one anymore, and of the one or two that do, they're gathering dust.
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    Possibly one for a new "weird Trump-related dreams" thread, but I thought it was better in here: A couple of nights ago, I had a dream in which our family invited Donald Trump and a few of his family over for dinner. Our house was nothing like anywhere we've ever lived, but there were about a...
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    Things that used to be common place in people’s homes

    Desktop PCs. Pretty much everyone I know uses laptops and/or tablets, unless they've got a Mac.
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    Covid-19 to have a permanent downward effect on commuting patterns with more partial working from home?

    This is the traffic in our area this morning after the snow overnight. Our workplace - where most of us are working from home - is unaffected, but it's pleasing to think that some of our competitors (who are run by the "I need to watch over you while you work" brigade) are currently getting...
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    Taxation discussion

    So, after years of telling us we need to cut carbon emissions and congestion, they'd be encouraging us to increase carbon emissions and congestion?
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    Tax Working from Home?

    I wonder how much money Deutsche Bank have in commercial property?
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    It was hilarious though, and quite symbolic of Giuliani's fall from grace.
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    Companies you don't like to buy from, and why

    Despite having an Amazon account since 1999, I only use it now to break the back of Christmas shopping each year. I buy virtually everything online these days, but mainly from small businesses via eBay. Amazon has fallen out of favour because of: Their dubious labour practices Questionable tax...
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    Companies you don't like to buy from, and why

    Yep, "head of the business is a thoroughly dislikable and/or disreputable individual" is a red flag for me. Hence why I share in the avoidance of Sports Direct and Ryanair.
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    The constant upselling is why I haven't set foot in Currys for years, and is yet another reason I'm thankful for online shopping.
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    Will you be eating out to help out?

    No, I very rarely eat out and, as others have said, simply can't be bothered with endless variations of petty restrictions.
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    Christmas, is it coming earlier?

    Don't forget that tomorrow is 25th June, which is Un-Christmas Day :D
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    Intu: I'm struggling to see how a company can "[make] a loss of £2bn in 2019, failing earlier this year to raise £1bn in new funding, and having debts of £5bn" unless its headquarters consists of nothing but people shovelling £20 notes into a furnace.
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    Long term workplace changes following covid19

    This. Don't ever underestimate how many dinosaur managers there are, who have no managerial skills other than "bum in seat" = "work getting done".
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    End of the Line for Weymouth Quay branch - March 2020

    30th December 1989: staying in Weymouth with relatives for New Year, we were getting out of our car in town when people on the adjacent road started pointing at something and taking pictures. Walking over, we were then confronted with the sight of 33117 and a couple of TCs going down the street...