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    Trivia: Nearest station you haven't used?

    Whats wrong with Flitwick? Funny I'm moving from there in the next month or so
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    Priv Tickets to Inverness By Sleeper

    I am thinking of going up to inverness on the Caledonian sleeper. I realise this has to be booked in person at a station. But which ticket do I book as according to BR Fares there a number of different prices. Obviously I am looking at the the least expensive but how can I be sure that is the...
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    Rail staff facilities: Some TOCs say to be used in an "emergency" only

    Do the protected rules apply to ex LUL staff who were employed before the cut off date.
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    Sunday Trading Laws Discussion

    As mentioned upthread I work for a large supermarket. Our tills WILL NOT work before 1000hrs on Sundays. The local management have no control over that time. However we do operate a browsing hour for Key and Emergency Workers.
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    Sunday Trading Laws Discussion

    I work in a Supermarket and have done for quite a few years. Regarding staying open late, pointless particularly on a Saturday evening. Quite easily close at 1800hrs.
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    Sunday Trading Laws Discussion

    May I ask does anybody here work in a Supermarket?
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    Andy Byford appointed next TfL Transport Commissioner

    Why is my old boss, Mike Brown being replaced? Is he leaving on his own accord or was he pushed?
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    Rural London Underground

    Being an ignorant ex Londoner (Only lived there for 34 years then worked there for another 16). What is the London Loop/
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    Sunday Trading Laws Discussion

    I work in retailing for a large supermarket. We don't open for 24hrs and haven't done for months. Our hours are 0600-2200. Monday to Saturday Sunday 1000-1600. My wife works in the Convenience store version and her store does not open for 24 hrs either. Her hrs are 0600-2300 7 days per week.
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    What would happen if the power failed totally?

    Let me throw this into the mix. The power failure occurred on the hottest day of the year, On one of the trains a lady had gone into labour. The train was on the Picc between Turnpike Lane and Manor House. On the Northern one train had come to a halt on one of the junction this particular train...
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    Slow Train To Venice

    Well I started to read it, Got through the first chapter but felt it was more of a guide to the different Hostels and Hotels the author stayed in.So have not bothered to carry on. However due to the fact my library is now closed therefore the loan has been extended indefinitely I might give it...
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    Rural London Underground

    As a former Met employee let me say it was an absolute pleasure working out on the north end of the Met. Particularly on a summer Sunday morning when we had a train every 30 mins. Strangely Chesham was busier on a Sunday afternoon than on a Monday to Friday one. This was due to the number of...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Funny you should say that. It's exactly what myself and my wife were two years ago.