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  • Hi Im doing a report on the cost per mile of the Uk rail industry can you help me, Im doing a comparison between the Uk and Irish Industry and your help would be very much appreciated.

    thank you

    Coach A seats 46A , 45A, 42A, & 41A

    No, same again these four are back to back
    Tables of four are :
    Coach A and B
    17F/B 18F/B
    19F/B 20F/B
    29F/B 30F/B
    31F/B 32F/B
    33F/B 34F/B
    35F/B 36F/B
    Thanks for your prompt reply, much appreciated.
    I have also booked four seats for the outbound leg of the trip. From Dalmuir to Mallaig, morning of 11th June, Coach A seats 46A , 45A, 42A, & 41A . This is not on the sleeper train but on a regular train i think. Can you tell me if these seats are together or have a table between them.

    Thanks again
    Hi there i have booked four seats on the sleeper train from Fort William to Dalmuir on Fri 11th June. Coach S seat 13A, 14A, 10A & 11A. I was wondering if it would be possible to get access ( username/password) to the seating layout plan on your website to see if the four seats are together? Thanks

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