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    BR’s most successful DMU?

    Interesting. I understand there was a lot of interest in preserving at least one of the fabulous looking driving cars of a 124 but the asbestos put people off.
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    BR’s most successful DMU?

    Growing up in Manchester I was extremely familiar with lots of terrible first gen DMUs. The 104s (Buxton, Blackpool) and 110s (Calder Valley) were particularly awful. The Cravens units that we encountered on spotting trips to Sheffield and Doncaster were even worse. The 115s (4-car Derbys to...
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    Have Trans Pennine Express handed back new stock?

    Have they had to hand back all the new stuff because they haven’t been able to keep up with the leasing payments? The six I’ve been on today have all been three car 185s.
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    British Railways Board Chairman 1970s - 1999

    I’ve no idea what industry insiders made of it, but to us enthusiasts the appointment of Parker and the concurrent launch of the HST seemed to give BR an air of confidence - almost swagger - that I hadn’t seen before.
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    History of Dore station and junctions

    Indeed. Though I'm always amazed when driving along the M42 near Widney Manor to see abutments for a third and fourth track. Maybe they were still in place when the plans for the motorway were drawn up? No idea, but I've definitely read in a reputable source that quadrupling was envisaged.
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    I understood from past posts on here that the reason people had forgotten about them was that the benefits (extra paths for stoppers to e.g. Stoke, Chester) had never materialised :rolleyes:
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    New Wolverhampton Station

    Bah! So's Sam Smiths, and it's a pale shadow of a formerly great beer. Brewed to a price, presumably. I was a big fan of West Midlands beers back in the day. M&B Brew XI, much despised by many, was a parrticular favourite. Banks' bitter was pretty decent, but the mild was excellent. I don't...
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    That makes sense. Huddersfield would lose a couple of trains an hour, but there would be plenty left. Diverting the two Ordsall Chorders through GB would mean a reversal at Picc, but no need to cross the entire throat, and it would relieve pressure at the rest of the Ordsall Chord pinch points...
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    New Wolverhampton Station

    The last time I went into a pub in Wolverhampton, Banks's was still decent. The Batham's tap, the Bull and Bladder, is great also and has a similar menu, though I think it might manage to run to faggots also. Full of Baggies fans when I visited though, and miles from a station. Brettell Lane...
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    Manchester - Stalybridge Electrification

    Lots; certainly as far as Asda in Ashton. It's an awful line though: slow as can be, with loads of tight curves. At least the Hudds locals have been operated by 185s since being rerouted that way; having to travel along there on a Pacer would have been absolute purgatory.
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    Hope Valley Capacity Scheme

    Yup. I remember them being lifted in the early 70s and it seemed fat headed then.
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    Trivia: stations that were always too big for their traffic

    Norwich City looks like it was a bit like Marylebone; the station building being much wider than the platforms. Not excessively large platform-wise though: Chester Northgate was quite an impressive structure when built, but it only...
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    I have no idea how things will turn out! I was merely pointing out that circumstances have changed since the electrification was first mooted, and it's not as simple as "just dig out and implement the plans that were prepared before it got Graylinged". Fair enough, but they need to go...
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    British Railway Passenger Network Map 1977

    Thanks - that's really interesting. Howe Bridge was called Chowbent until about 1900: a much more characterful name! A few years ago there was a photo online of an absolutely rammed 2-car DMU about to set off from Newton-le Willows to Manchester via the Loop, which closed not long afterwards...
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    Some good points here, but it needs to be remembered that when the decision was taken to electrify to Stalyvegas, the line was operating as a local branch. The reason for prioritising it was so that stopping services on the lines then being electrified to the west of Victoria would have...