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    Most hated Loco/Unit

    I'd say 170s. They're not a particularly bad train, it's more that they're not really suitable for the services they operate. The same goes for the 220/221s.
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    New livery for 43087

    I saw this at Derby a couple of weeks ago. It's a bit garish :?
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    New Prime Minister

    Tradition dictates that such jokes should contain some element of humour in order to conform to said tradition.
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    Tickets I get - spot the difference

    How do those tickets prove that? I'd say those tickets were quite reasonable when compaired to petrol costs for the same journey by car.
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    Idiot in action

    Maybe it's just me but the flag appears to be attached to the truck, not being held up by a crossing keeper? Also the barriers are down, so if the truck was indeed "doing at least 40" as stated in the photo remarks then the driver must have driven round them.
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    My Fotopic site

    Thanks for the comments :) I use a Fuji 6900.
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    My Fotopic site

    Hi , Thanks for the comments, hopefully I'll get around to adding more photos soon.
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    My Fotopic site

    I've just created myself a Fotopic site and uploaded a few photos from Derby. The URL is Hope you like them.
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    Eurostars to Glasgow

    A similar thing happened with the Nightstar services. The timings were in Trust, so the signalling system thought they ran even though they didn't.
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    Where am i?

    Wasn't Robert Burns born near Ayr?