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  • oh kool... Thats where i chose my depot to be in london... Do they pay for u to go back or not?
    haha if u didnt then that wud be worryin :) well u can come and introduce urself on the 10th... Then ill know for sure hu u r :) lol

    It was 5 people for 2 signalling places.

    The woman said that they had to go through all of them :o
    No idea yet, not heard anything back :(

    I rang them earlier and they said I need to wait till all the interviews at the depot I've applied for (Leeds) have finished so I'm still waiting over 4 weeks on.

    You said you had yours am I correct?

    Hopefully they can work something out for you then. I gotta shoot to work, railway doesn't run itself, as you will soon be finding out!
    I don't know. The 75% is only for season tickets to and from home to work, but Collingwood is a bit unique. No one ever tried it as there was little need to. They did muse on buying 16-25 railcards for everyone, I don't know if it's still the case. You can do as you wish on weekends (as long as you're over 18, as curfew otherwise applies).
    Yes, you'll need mobile broadband, annoyingly there is no wireless. It's fine to take a laptop (at your own risk mind), the wardrobes are lockable but you'll need to supply your own padlock.

    Don't worry about the form, contact them first thing tomorrow and explain that they neglected to send it, as it's their fault I'm sure you will be granted a bit more time.
    It's a personal thing. I liked it. Free food, cheap beer and all living expenses paid for. Take a laptop if you have one, can get dull on quiet weekends. Money's not great but it's all in your pocket. If you've got decent room mates, it's a blast. You'll make good friends down there, make the most of it. The Navy are decent too, and you'll get free reign of their facilities, gym, pool, sports, bar, everything.
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