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    Scotrail Full Alcohol Ban

    My view is you should not be allowed to open items brought onto the train, but you can buy from Buffet or be served at seat. (Staff can always say no more) And people must be able to carry sealed on board as they may be going home from shopping. I have a friend who was given a bottle of whisky...
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    Direct (kind-of) service between Cannon Street and Maidstone West

    Well it runs tomorrow but the run from Strood is Empty Coaching Stock
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    Class 230 units training/introduction on the Borderlands line.

    Only scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday this week according to RealTimeTrains site. Also they don't seem to be worrying about their timetable Arrived late from Depot but started first trip 30 minutes early
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    Penyffordd to Wrexham 22/08

    Looking on journey check it seems to be cancelled due to resource availability
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    Class 230 units training/introduction on the Borderlands line.

    Does anyone know if they have plans to improve the timetable with earlier trains towards Wrexham. First train does not arrive till almost 8:30 which is far too late
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Not surprised. The Weather in the West of Scotland today has been abysmal
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    Class 230 units training/introduction on the Borderlands line.

    What feed is being used to charge and is battery power used in Wrexham-Bidston testing
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    Austrian Trains International Travel- Advice

    Since kicking off this thread I contacted OBB. My tickets were non refundable for the 4th and 7th of August. They took a couple of weeks to rely but have given me vouchers to the full value which are valid for 10 years
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    what is the rationale for having both 4 and 5 car sets. How will they decide. Are the 4's going to be limited to Aberdeen-Inverness?
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    Austrian Trains International Travel- Advice

    Yes , All a bit of a nightmare now. Sounded good at the time booking a multicity trip as a DIY but now the main reason for going is cancelled (Hungary Grand Prix) and looks like the Vienna concert may be limited. Not sure what will be available to do if we travel (Although would you want to...)...
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    Austrian Trains International Travel- Advice

    I booked 2 trains via back in February (Pre-Covid-19) 1. Budapest- Vienna 2. Vienna - Prague These are specific Train/Non refundable tickets This is for early August but as you can imagine I am now cancelling my trip and trying to see what refunds I can get (Travel Insurance wont...
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    Future of Wrexham-Bidston line, inc. possible franchise swap etc.

    Well it needs something sorted as service is us usable in my view. My daughter lives 5 minutes from one of the stations but interchange times are shocking. I am visiting and then travelling to Birmingham for a day trip. Have to be collected at Chester as interchange times mean a 40 minute wait...
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    Merseyrail Class 777

    The units will probably last 40 years + however as new units become more reliable it will actually be cheaper to buy more modern units earlier instead of heavy maintenance
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    Preston to London

    Many thanks
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    Preston to London

    It is first anytime single. Only restriction is Avanti trains only