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  • Hi soil,

    I've been trying to use your rail fares database software from this post, I've followed your instructions up to loading the ATOC data files into the database, and I'm getting this error message. Are you aware of anything I could do to mitigate this error?
    Hi soil - I just moved to St. Albans and you mentioned a season ticket that was costing around 2,400 back in march - is that still possible - could you send me more details?
    Hi there,

    I posted an enquiry for my colleague about a season ticket valid Matlock to St. Pancras and Welwyn Garden City to Kings Cross. He has just reminded me and you said there was an error priced ticket that could cover it. How would this work?

    Many thanks
    What a useful utility you have created to load the NFM data files into Sql. Would it be possible to have a copy of the source of the exe file that does the load.
    Many thanks in advance
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