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    Based on your experience, what is the easiest way to obtain past timetables? I am looking for all timetables I can get, preferably between 1950-today. I only need the data, so would only need to take photos of them and do not physically need to have them. Is there any existing collection that I could access? I found some in the British Library, and it seems Thomas Cook must have them all in Peterborough - I contacted them but they haven't replied so I am not sure how helpful they will be, provided that this is for non-commercial (academic research) purposes only.

    I would be most grateful if you could provide me any pointers or help. The research is really important to me from a personal perspective, as I have very fond memories of traveling via Interrail to explore Europe as a teenager.

    Many thanks!

    I am a researcher at the London School of Economics. I work on trade and the reductions in distance (or travel time) induced by infrastructure investments (e.g. high speed rail).

    For that purpose, I am seeking to collect data on historical timetables - but these have been surprisingly hard to come by for an "outsider". Based on my Google searches, your name (or posts) came up quite a lot and it seems you have been collecting the European Timetables.
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