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    TRIVIA: Replacement Bus Services calling at stations off line of route

    When SWR services are replaced by buses beyond Motspur Park towards either Chessington South or Epsom the buses run from a station on the open line, rather than from Motspur Park. Motspur Park is not an appropriate place to terminate buses for interchange with rail services. If the Chessington...
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    Do train guards ever 'nod off'?

    Always shocks me to hear that there are rosters with very late finishes on a Saturday in to a very early start on a Monday, it's near enough impossible to adjust that quick. We have a 32 minimum rest period over a single free day, so you can't finish very late Saturday then start very early Monday.
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    Salisbury to Reading direct

    The weekday service running to Reading is for route knowledge retention purposes. When introduced it provided a later stopping service from Salisbury to Basingstoke than before, which allows the 1925 Exeter St Davids to Waterloo to be speeded up beyond Salisbury. The 2149 Salisbury to Reading...
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    ITSO Smartcard contactless tickets

    There is a process for excessing Smartcard held tickets on SWR, it's very uncommon though so I am not sure if many staff would remember exactly how it's meant to be done. It would be issued as a paper excess, using the last 5 numbers of the Smartcard as the ticket number. Guards aren't checking...
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    Interior upgrade/refresh for GWR turbos

    Although a part of First/MTRs bid for the South Western franchise was providing 2+2 seating on all fast Portsmouth to London services, and it is something they made a fairly big deal of.
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    SWR - Trainee Driver Training. Anyone Been to Basingstoke?

    I've done another course at Basingstoke with two people from Weymouth, that lasted around two months. By the end they were definitely struggling with the daily commute.
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    Not booked anymore to Alton via the mainline, but not been unknown for 458s to be used on weekends during engineering work when services just run between Woking and Alton as a large number stable at Farnham for the weekend. There are the 3 services via Ascot mentioned above, although in the...
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    RMT in dispute with SWR regarding ‘guardian angels’

    There's been an increase in the number of agency staff at stations the past few weeks, and especially this week. Are they all going to lose their shifts in favour of unpaid volunteers now? Even if none of the current agency staff lose out, it doesn't usually seem to be an issue getting more...
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    Different Driver Depots Route and Traction cards

    Woking do sign via Chertsey, both to Weybridge and Byfleet & New Haw.
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    SWT Gold Card Tickets valid on SWR?

    They're still valid, not that unusual to see people with them still.
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    SWR Repaints and Refurbishments

    Being repainted at Bournemouth, they were refurbished at Eastleigh.
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    Back in February this was the plan for introduction by route, but it could well have changed again. Reading Dorking and Hampton Court Kingston Loop Hounslow Loop & Weybridge Woking, Guildford & Chessington Windsor Shepperton
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    Class 442s - storage, refurbishment and redeployment

    455 retractioning was still rather delayed, and there were the slight teething issues involving equipment cases being blasted across Guildford station taking out the station furniture.
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    Face coverings compulsory on public transport in England from 15 June

    They've been being given out, along with hand sanitiser, at Waterloo since the start of this week at least.
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    Different Driver Depots Route and Traction cards

    Yes, the route via Haslemere was already listed through to Southampton, but they also sign the route through to Portsmouth Harbour as well.