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    SWR Strike Timetables

    There's likely to be less trains available for traffic too as there will be staff who should have been working at depots who would have been on strike overnight.
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    Stations with mandatory assisted dispatch

    Vauxhall and Surbiton are not mandatory dispatch. Godalming is only on platform 1, and only for more than 8 coaches.
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    Stations with mandatory assisted dispatch

    There are stations where platform staff will assist with dispatch when available, but they are not mandatory though.
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    Stations with mandatory assisted dispatch

    There are some stations where dispatch is by the guard and the ready to start signal is given using the bell/ buzzer and dispatch assistance from platform staff is mandatory too.
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    E Tickets

    Generally I find it quicker checking E tickets if passengers have taken a screenshot, as sometimes it can take people a while to find the ticket in their app. The Trainline app is usually OK but some other apps can be slower.
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    London Waterloo retail - what's going on?

    This is my understanding too. The closure of many of them seemed quite sudden without notice which would add up.
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    Examples of Surprisingly Short Turnround Times

    The Southern London Victoria services have now generally been cut back to Portsmouth and Southsea to improve reliability.
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    SWR Metro fleet withdrawals

    Yes. Although they have been tending to turn up on Hampton Court on Sundays.
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    SWR Metro fleet withdrawals

    0733 Waterloo to Waterloo via Richmond then Wimbledon 0857 Waterloo to Waterloo via Wimbledon then Richmond Repeats every 3 hours. That's the booked 450 diagram on a Saturday.
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    SWR Metro fleet withdrawals

    It is. I listed the booked services in post 877.
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    December 2022 Timetable Changes

    The consultation was on the December 2022 timetable which would see some increases to the service currently running, but I don't think any results of the consultation have been published yet.
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    I don't it's been confirmed publicly, but it is definitely the case. Only for a time limited period though, at least for now anyway.
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    Why can't some ECS movements be opened to the public?

    That particular ECS from Reading to Ascot has indeed run in service in previous timetables.
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    ASLEF certainly don't consider the units to be in a state where training can start.
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    SWR Metro fleet withdrawals

    0634, 0834, 0934, 1104, 1134, 1304, 1504, 1604, 1734, 1807, 1934, 2134, 2234 from Guildford 0633, 0703, 0733, 0803, 0933, 1003, 1133, 1333, 1433, 1603, 1633, 1803, 2003, 2103, 2233, 2303, 2350 from Waterloo