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    1. Spod
      Hi, I've been following the RailUK forums for a few months now, but just registered so that I could ask this question, since I couldn't find any information elsewhere in forums, planning applications or a lot of searching.

      I'm trying to find a concrete answer to a rumour I've heard that transpennine electrification, when it comes through Garforth, will require the stone road bridge over Garforth station to be demolished as it is too low for the wires.
      Since you seem to have been involved in the bridge works, I hoped you might have knowledge of this, or if possible a link to what the actual plan is online.
      The bridge is HUL4/18, A642 Aberford Road, Garforth, overline bridge.
      Can you tell me what the plan is for this bridge, where I could find the plan, or who to ask? Has a plan even been finalised, or has it merely been identified as needing alterations without specifying what that would be?

      Thank you very much indeed.
    2. CK
      Does this work???
    3. VishnuBachani
      Hi Rich,

      I've been hunting for the Piccadilly Line v4 (I have v2, v3 and v5 already) everywhere but have not been able to find it, unfortunately. I saw this post of yours:

      And was wondering if you still had those files. If you do, please get in contact with me as I am desperate for this route. Thanks in advance.

    4. SachaD
      Hi Rich,

      Quicklink for you, I've updated the southbound Victoria Line, hopefully, this will be the last bit of work I need to do this.
      Is the 67 stock available yet? Also do you have any decent testers who could give this ago and report back any errors or problems? I did post in the testing forum at trainsimcentral, but it seems to take an age for the message to be posted. Right, let's start on the next bit !!!! Cheersey, Sacha
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