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    Lineside fly tipping

    It's rife in the Midlands as well. Just depends where you look. The area maintenance teams will only have limited time and resource to effect "litter picking" as it may require a possession to do such so the ability to clean it up varies. As one may expect, it does seem to be worse in the more...
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    Bletchley questions and observations

    You're absolutely correct that live conductors should not be present above a platform. Are you sure it is actually LIVE and it's not just a tail wire (earthed) terminated at a convenient structure with an insulator in line?
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    A career as a signaller

    Google is correct. Roddige Lane crossing is on the South Staffs line between Wichnor Junction and Lichfield. Just down the line from Alrewas LC Signal Box and before Fine Lane Crossing.
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    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    Anyone know what the Voyager was that worked today's 1V54 06:33 Dundee > Plymouth? Thanks in advance.
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    4O05, 07:15 Birch Coppice Freightliner to Southampton M.C.T derailed at Eastleigh (28/01)

    I think it just had concrete sleepers and a Balfour Beatty rail crane on that trip
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    DB Cargo pension options

    Oooh that's a tough one. As with all things pension, only you can decide which is best to suit your own circumstances and advice from an Independent Financial / Pension Advisor would seem worthwhile here. Having said that and not being part of the DB Cargo scheme, as a retired member of the...
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    Converting ELR & Mileage to OS or Lat/Long Co-Ordinates

    Omnicom Track Locator is available on iOS (currently v4.2). It's very similar to the one provided by the NR App Store but obviously available to anyone.
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    Network Rail - Apprenticeship Salary

    That's a brave move considering there's no guarantee of a permanent role afterwards but if it hopefully pans out then I'm sure you won't regret it. The Railway is a family you won't want to leave believe me.
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    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    Can anyone advise what the middle 142 pacer set was on its way from Gascoigne Wood to Kingsbury today. Saw the leading and trailing units (031/048) but didn't catch the middle one.
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    Northern Pacer Withdrawals - Info?

    Yes it is. Saw 55621 today (08/01/20) but couldn't confirm the other car (not connected together) as it was obscured by other stock.
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    Do diesel fumes/particulates impact the performance of the Overhead lines?

    As you'd expect, the contact wire is effectively cleaned by the carbon pan strip but the Insulators are particualrly vulnerable to arcing with the build up of carbon in stations and should be subject to a regular cleaning regime. The porcelain type are more susceptible hence the (campaign)...
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    Network Rail: Line Blockage Assistant & Information Coordinator

    I guess it can be a deal breaker for some when railway work places / depots aren't directly or easily accessible by rail. In the main, NR depots are near local stations (some even with direct authorised walkways) but Derby's is a fair trek from the main line station. When I worked at the RTC (as...
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    Network Rail: Line Blockage Assistant & Information Coordinator

    As it's NR's Maintenance depot I'd say that's where the job would be located. The EMCC as a Signalling Control Centre doesn't have resident run of the mill (no disrespect) maintenance staff as far as I'm aware.
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    WMT introduce parking charges at more stations

    This happened a couple of years ago with the new car park at Lichfield Trent Valley (up side). Staffs Council then introduced restricted parking times along Burton Old Road (for 2 different hours each side of the road) which stopped station parking but also caught out some residents. Savvy types...