6 Aug 2009
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    1. Hornby Hombre
      Hornby Hombre
      hi, where in Yorkshire are u from? I'm from Sheffield area.
    2. AndrewE
      "I think that rather than thinking of the ...it should be run as part of the outer reaches of the electrified network. "
      That too! I was just arguing about the naive optimism about batteries.
      1. yorksrob
        Yes, I agree. I was trying to comment on the general direction of the thread, rather than singling anyone out :)
        2 Sep 2018
    3. J-2739
      Haha, love your signature :D
    4. Natsandford
      I am based in Tamworth
    5. yorksrob
      Ha ha, yes, so that's where it kicks in !
    6. Crossover
      Congratulations - it seems like you're now a Veteran - all hail yorksrob ;)
    7. DavidChandler
    8. yorksrob
      Sorry Lewis. I can‘t tell what I‘m doing with these rubbish mobile phones !
    9. Lrd
      Hi, you posted a message on my visitor page but I think you got the wrong person as my name is not Stephen ;)
    10. SouthEastern-465
      Very true the EPBs are very comfy!
    11. SouthEastern-465

      Finally went on an EPB at the EKR EMU gala yesterday, also had haulage behind a 4CEP and to make a dream come true the EPB was then hauled behind an MLV on its own power! :D
    12. SouthEastern-465
      Hi Mate,

      My friend travelled up to Aylebury early this year and saw these, and I was glad to see that NSE toothpaste survives!
    13. SouthEastern-465
    14. SouthEastern-465
      Just read about a SUB being saved by the Electric Railway Museum at Coventry, although it will be a 2SUB! Better than no SUB at all I guess :).
    15. SouthEastern-465
      Yeah the 1938 stock is brilliant, very spacious too I thought!

      The COR suprised me and I was very excited when I saw it and left all the other stuff behind and ran over straight away, had a cab and enjoyed it!

      Proper SR stuff to, Phase 1 CIGs are great aswell just, like all the other SR stock. :)
    16. yorksrob
      Excellent stuff, I've not been able to go on the COR yet - will be excellent when it's up and running:)

      You lucky so and so - I see the 1938 tube stock going around every now and again in the railway press but I've not managed to get on it yet !!

      Ha ha, yeah the COR's prety good isn't it - just like the Southern ought to be - like the Brighton line phase 1 CIG stock :)
    17. SouthEastern-465
      Hi mate,

      I had a great day yesterday whilst at the London Transport Musuem Depot open day aswell as the old fashioned underground stock (1938 was the best I went in!) there was a 4COR, that made my day even went inside the unit and cabbed it and had my hands on the controls as the staff were so friendly and it had been restored to the good old 60s condition and the seats were one of the best ones I have seen and so comfy! :)

      I will get my mate to send some pics to me and I'll than upload 'em!
    18. FlyingScot
      Can yousend me a friend request. I don't know how.
    19. SouthEastern-465
      Got the sad new's today the Lymington CIGs are going to be withdrawn 22nd May (Confirmed by SWT) and there are talks of them being sold for £1.00 for scrap :(.
    20. SouthEastern-465
      The CEP coach looks out of place on the Class 201 why could'nt they just have a standard narrow MK1?
    21. SouthEastern-465
      I'll give you a shout if I see you on one!

      Hastings Diesals also own a Class 411 CEP and have took a MK1 from it and put it on the Class 201, I also wonder if they have got any idea with there CEP I certainly know I would book a tour with it!
    22. SouthEastern-465
      Not at the moment, but planning for a Class 201 'Hastings' tour this year very narrow MK1 though!
    23. yorksrob
      Theoretically there's no reason why they couldn't - a slammers no different from any other MK1 - so they should allow it ! In the meantime, there's always Hastings Diesels which give an idea of proper Southern Region comfort. Have you ever been on one of their tours?
    24. SouthEastern-465
      Hope they go with your idea of a Class 419 MLV at each end so it will be allowed on Network Rails lines!
    25. yorksrob
      Perhaps they'll have them on a railtour - if they can get around the health and safety thing :)
    26. SouthEastern-465
      Get there before the Enthusiasts specials!

      I would highly recomend to go there again I will also be going again before they go, hope to get 3-CIG 1498 next time.

      As for the drivers they are pretty freindly and might let you in but the only thing which is bad about the area is the amount of chavs.

      Hope you good luck when you visit as "Desiros" turn up sometimes!
    27. yorksrob
      Excellent, I've never been in the cab for one but I always liked getting in one of the standard class compartments. I visited Lymington last year but feel I should make a final trip before they go :(
    28. SouthEastern-465
      I went on the Lymingotn 3-CIGs yesterday there bloody brilliant got to cab 1497 too.
    29. yorksrob
      Yes, I think those ones with the larger guards van were originally from Tyneside, rather than Merseyside - though I've never been on one as they weren't in passenger service by the time I was on the scene.
    30. SouthEastern-465
      Thanks for the info!

      I am sure some of the BR EPBs were Ex-Merseyside units too and had smaller head-codes and bigger guards compartments?
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