50 from Fishguard (well, sort of)

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24 Jul 2006
Hi all, decided to go on a trip to Fishguard yesterday but as per usual all did not go to plan...
Me and my dad planned to catch the 06:11 from mexborough to sheffield but alas, the train was 25 mins late which threw the whole day off.
When we finally got off the 153 at Sheffiled, we had missed the voyager to Burton on Trent (we were going to catch the train from there to Cardiff) so we caught a later 220 to Cheltenham Spa where we would change for Gloucester and from there to Cardiff. All went well at first, we were 5 mins late but made up the time and had a fast run, until we got between Birmingham and Cheltenham... The train was held for 20 mins due to a signal failure, my 2nd in two days and slow running was had to Cheltenham.

My heart sank as I knew we had missed the 50's and the sight of a pair of 143's doing the train to gloucester made me even unhappier. We 'bounced' along to Gloucester where we waited for the train to Cardiff which was a 170.

After a good run down, passing 73002? near Lydney and 09017 in Sudbrook, we arrived in Cardiff 20 mins afetr the Fishguard train...
Then for some random reason, we caught a 158 to Carmarthen just for a ride out.
At Carmarthen, some quick thinking looking at the timetable made me think the day wasn't a complete loss. Just at that moment there was a 175 heading for Man Picc which we got on just in time and got off at Llanelli, 15 mins before the return of the Fishguard train which (thank god) stopped there.
15 mins later the level crossing closed, silence hung in the air, I crossed my fingers and then suddenly, 50049 appeared!! A spirited run was enjoyed to Cardiff with thrash and clag, I had never bashed a 50 before and only seen one twice!! :D
At Cardiff I got some pictures of it before it pulled out which I will post when I can get back to my own PC.
I had also heard that the 17:01 to Rhymney was 37 hauled but because our trai back was at 17:45, we could only get to Cardiff Queen street.
My wish came true, 37425 was on the Rhymney which I bashed for the full 4 mins to Queen street which included the climb out of Central!! :D :D

Heading back home again, I bashed a MML HST from Derby to Sheffield (with free tea!)

I must admit the best company had to be Arriva Trains Wales, there punctuality was perfect and there trains were, well, great!! Midland Mainline was also great and they also did free drinks.
Worst company definatly Northern:x
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