5043, 47790 & 47832

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2 Jun 2011
27/04/12. Still in the midst of a very wet month, 5043 Earl Of Mount Edgcumbe passes Ladbrook Lane working 5Z36 Tysley Loco Works to Bristol St.Phillips Marsh HST Depot in order to work a excursion tomorrow. Through out the day I was stood waiting for both 2 Class 47s, 2 Class 67s (which I missed getting on film but watched after changing location and going back to the original Ladbrook Lane location), and 5043, all the while I was holding an umberella for the abismal, continuous rain showers, so apologies if the camera work isn't the best.

27/04/12. The pair of 'Duffs' pass me in the morning running some 13 minutes late. Typically, it was miserable, wet and cold. I did the best I could though, having to hold a umbrella at the same time. I created a mini tripod using my keys, and the bridge itself. I think it worked quite well to be honest!

On the return 1Z41 trip, the 'Duff's' pass pretty much bang on time, this time with 47790 leading and 47832 tailing, as opposed to the 1Z40 trip with 47832 leading and 47790 trailing. This time, the weather was much nicer, and I tried to get a good shot, this time actually using my proper tripod and not my make shift one as I described above. Both trips the 47's sounded good, and looked immaculate for that matter.
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