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A not so comfy day out...

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1 Jul 2005
...But fun none the less!

Today, I was yet again at Loughborough, as usual to clean. My first job was to get the medical examination done (passed:)) I then had to remove the paraffin from one Running board of 46521. Before heading off to the chippy to get some food bevfore cleaning ou the cess from the Ash pits. I then decided to take the plunge and ask Bill Gwilt (Locomotive Superindenant) if I could get a ride out, which ended up with me riding with the crew on the 16.15 (GCR 04). I will never forget that ride, it really shook me around! I then helped prepare the loco for the Edwardian Evening, Lit the fire Devil, and watered up 4141, not easy for me!

No matter how much I tried to stay clean-ish today, I still ended up getting completely filthy...
Not open for further replies.