A snowy Holland

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25 Aug 2005
Where 58's still operate in commercial service...
Went to the north of the Netherlands last week for probably the last winter for the DH trains.

The 3206 arriving at Nieuweschans

The 3222 arriving at Zuidbroek.

The Deutsche Bahn regional train from Nieuweschans to Leer... operating every two hours.

The Geritage 2275 is the only 2200 still having it's orriginal brown liverie when introduced. Others were repainted to the yellow/grey colours by NS. These machines were involved by the construction of several High Speed line projects in France and Belgium. The 2275 is bought by ACTS... a freight operator in Holland, but this loco will not operate freighttrains. There are great plans for museumtrains in the northern part of the Netherlands, where railtransport is limited.

The 3231 at full speed when passing Kropswolde station.

I havn't seen 58's in the 2 days I was there. :(

More on my website later today.
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