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22 Nov 2014
Hello folks. I am an infrequent user of the railway. When I do it is from a local, ungated station to another(LNZ->COW) which is cross platform at HYM.
I am travelling tomorrow passing through ABD to ELG where I have 36 minutes sitting/lying over time until the next train. I see that the cafe/bar is the other side of the barriers. Is a passenger allowed through the barriers to use the station facilities or should I just sit & relax? Not a big deal or anything, I am out of practice since barriers started appearing & do not want my ticket "swallowed".
I apologise for the <basic> question. Not all of us are frequent users of the railway. I did a search & did not find anything relating to ABD & barriers to inform me, hence I apologise if this is wasting bandwidth.
Stay Safe & Thank You, Andrew.
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18 Dec 2009
Lenzie, Cowdenbeath, Haymarket, Aberdeen and Elgin for the uninitiated. We do ask that such abbreviations are explained on first use.

Aberdeen's barriers will swallow tickets with Aberdeen as destination. Without knowing what tickets you have, simply show your ticket at the gate and ask to be let through, there is a possibility that your platform for Elgin might require you to leave the main gateline anyway!

If your ticket allows break of journey, the station exits into Union Square, where if you head straight across its main entrance towards the bus station you'll find much more reasonably priced food outlets than SSP on the station concourse.
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