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An automatic Email when a post receives a response?

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6 Aug 2011
I spend a lot of time looking for information on various subjects and as I’m in my mid 80s and my memory is not as quick as it used to be I often miss the replys. Recognising that the forum might already be sending automatic Emails out when a post receives a response and I have not worked out how to activate it I apologise. If that is not happening could it be made to? It was at that stage I noticed the "watch this thread" and the "and receive email notifications" but I will still send this post to check it out.
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5 Nov 2018
Northern England
If you click on your username at the top-right you will see something that looks like this:

Select "Preferences" from this list. This opens a page which looks like this:

Under Content Options, tick both boxes for "and recieve email notifications" and also tick "Recieve email when a new conversation message is recieved". This will automatically send email notifications for any thread that you post in or create.

Don't forget to click the "save" button at the bottom of the page.

Note that this does not apply retrospectively to threads you have already participated in; if you want email notifications for those you have to turn them on manually by pressing the "Watch" or "Unwatch" button on each one and selecting "and recieve email notifications"
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