Another London Day! 29/08

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25 Jun 2005
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Today, I left Yard at 08:45. Taking a bus to Camberwell, I changed for a bus to Paddington. It was one of those slow runs. Arriving at 09:56, I ran for the 09:58 train to Acton Mainline, but it left just as I reached it. I was gutted, as 40145 was scheduled to reversed at Acton at 10:22. Acton gets one train per half hour each way. I sauntered onto the 10:03 FGW service to Ealing Broadway. Upon passing Old Oak, I saw 40145 moving off on schedule at 10:07. But, I couldn't believe my luck - the Whistler was headed for the Greenford curve! I was extremely surprised to see this! So a few minutes after arriving at Ealing Broadway, 40145 came through with lots of thrash! I got several sharp shots in fantasic sun! Excited, I took the first Paddington train. The usual bits were in Old Oak, except 47813 was out, and I noticed an EWS 58 in there, as well as the Fertis pair. I took the H&C to Euston Square, arriving at 10:56. Semi - jogging to Euston, I made the 11:04 fast service to Harrow and Wealdstone. 40145 was at Sudbury, several other locos were noticed at Wembley, including the Three Skips in special liveries sitting together.

40145 was right behind my train, which arrived at Harrow at 11:16, and despite the perfect sun, I settled for a video of it. Boarding the 11:24 fast Silverlinker to Euston, I looked at Primrose Hill station. 47712+47832 and a Merrymaker coach had appeared, with the crew out on the disused ruins of the station. At Euston, I took the 11:57 slow service to Willesden. The 47s were now stabled at Willesden GBRF. At Willesden, I took a NLL train to Stratford. Not much freight en route.

Stratford wasn't too active. A GBRF 66, FL Green 90 and a light engine 57 passed through on their duties. I went back over the NLL to Willesden. The Euroscout DMU was in the Low Level riding I took a bus to Acton Mainline, arriving around 16:00. Soon enough, 47853 came through with a long ECS! But the signallers routed it through the yard!!!!! Again!!! I took a bus to North Acton, where 47853 was seen again with a load 12? I then headed back to Willesden.

After helping a lady out with my A-Z, I went to the low level. 66143+66079+66201 tripled headed a single ferrywagon over the Chord. I then went to Gospel Oak to see this again, but it took the Barking line, making a shot impossible. So I went to Stratford, arriving around 18:45. Silver Skip 67029 came through alone, earlier seen at Wembley. Then, the usual barrage of freight came. 66716 on Hams Hall to Felixstowe. 86621/609 on Tilbury to Coatbridge. 90047 on Felixstowe to Coatbridge and the finale, 20306/308 on the increasingly regular-and loaded 6M69 Sizewell - Willesden. After that, I made my way home. Ta for all the gen sharers and those who post updates so I can know where to be! Twas an ok day, fairly average!
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