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Arriva Scotrail app: issues when buying tickets

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8 Jul 2021
As a regular user of the ScotRail app, I have to say I'm very disappointed with the new app version.
Other than adding m-tickets, the "update" seems to have removed useful features rather than adding them.

Prior to the update, there was a Network status on the home screen which showed disruption information - where's that gone in the new version? I can only find "Service Status" under "More" which opens a rubbish version on the ScotRail website.
Where is the number of carriages and indication of how busy the train is under Live Departures? also seems to have disappeared in the new version.
And when I search for Flexi tickets in the new app, I just keep getting a message saying "oops there are no flexi tickets available for your route" and I know there are because I can buy them for the same route on the website! the old version let me buy them for that route!
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