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4 Aug 2011
SE16 are looking for bloggers to contribute articles to the new website.

Check Before you Travel blog contributor brief
A contributor:

  • Should be knowledgeable in an aspect of the railway
  • Should be able to blog and write about their topic in an interesting and entertaining way
  • Should be able to use WordPress, and able to write with correct English and proper grammar

The aim of the blog is to have regular updates from a wide range of different bloggers. The blog updates are in categories:

  • Site updates
    Written by Robert, just gives basic insight into the site/announcements/link plugging ect
  • Fares & Ticketing
  • Network Rail/Engineering
    Also interested in track/permanent way.
  • Revenue Protection
    News on revenue protection in the media, court cases ect.
  • Rolling Stock
  • Special Offers
    Example: London Midland Great Escape
  • Stations
  • Train Operating Companies
    Including franchise news

We would ask for bloggers to post perhaps once or twice a week. You will be provided with a login account as well as a email address.
We will add your twitter account/website URL to the links on the blog.
Unlike train rage, we want to provide news and reviews instead of rants. If you are interested in becoming a blogger then throw me a PM :)

I'm really looking forward to CheckBefore and hope there are some talented authors amongst the community ;)
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9 Feb 2008
I understand you want to start a site but what is your USP because there is already Rail News, Rail Staff, News Now, quite a few forums and online magazines.

You really need to flesh out because you look like an upstart trying to sprint before you can crawl. Run a few weeks on your own then come back. It is a lot of commitment to keep a site like this live and up to date (believe me, I do it)

By the way, the bottom of the page colours look revolting, please can you change them?


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8 Jan 2010
Bath (or Southend)
Anyone else seen the link to some site called "Rail UK Forums"? What could that be? :lol::D:lol::p:lol::D:lol:

Actually, if everyone else is starting to set up on their own again, I might have to give it another go. See if we get any further than mind-mapping this time!


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9 Jan 2009
I'm going to drop mine on the Forum at the end of the year, so there'll only be two more installments most likely. I may give a proper blog a go though, posting about lots of stuff other than railways a la my Facebook page (although I do put some railway stuff up there).
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