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BR Training Video Themes.

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365 Networker

19 Jul 2019
I'm not sure if this is the right section for this, but I thought I this would be interesting for some members.
For at least the last four years I have been trying to find the themes from the BR training videos - without much success. However, about two years ago I found a few and last year I found quite a few more.
I included a link to the files. I am happy to remove this if there are any copyright issues.
Here is a tracklist:-
1. Theme from 'The Wessex Electrics'
2. Theme from flagging an automatic signal
3. Generic NSE training video theme (short)
4. Generic NSE training video theme (long)
5. Theme from 'BR Signalling'
6. Theme from DLR 'The Push-out Procedure'
7. Theme from DLR 'The Push-out Procedure'
8. Theme from LU 'Dead or Alive'
9. Theme from BR 'Your life on the Line'
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Peter C

Established Member
13 Oct 2018
GWR land
Thanks for sharing these - I've enjoyed watching the videos which people have uploaded to YouTube and the music has a certain charm to it, so having the music as a separate thing is lovely.

-Peter :)

Ashley Hill

Established Member
8 Dec 2019
The West Country
Not training videos per se but I've always liked Daphne Oram's work on the BTF films Rail and Snow. Whilst not the writer of the music her electronic treatments added much dimension to the films. Another one that often appeared on Newsreels is Intercity 2. I can't link to YouTube as my app is knadgered so you'll need to look it up. It's a KPM release if my memory serves correctly.
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