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Broken (melted!) rail near Micheldever - 28/06/2021

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30 Jan 2019
Not seen this referenced on here, but looks like there was some substantial damage to the Up Line between Wallers Ash Loop and Micheldever caused by what appears to be a short from the 3rd rail. Looks like single line working has been in place today until the rail can be replaced tonight.

Above link to source tweet with text:

"We're so sorry for the disruption to @SW_Help + @CrossCountryUK customers this morning after we discovered a badly-damaged rail in the Micheldever area. As you can see, something has caused electricity to arc from the live rail + cut so much away we will need to replace it."

Image from tweet via Network Rail Wessex (@NetworkRailWssx) showing severe damage to rail included melted remains at point of damage!

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