Building a model steam locomotive questions?

Discussion in 'Memorabilia, Media & Publications' started by PaxmanValenta, 2 May 2015.

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  1. PaxmanValenta

    PaxmanValenta Member

    11 Apr 2015
    I'm thinking of building a 7 1/4" gauge steam locomotive. I want to run it on coal and use copper fire tubes. Possibly super heater tubes too.

    What diameter of steel tube for the boiler should I need and how thick should the steel be?

    Also if I was doing my loco in 5" gauge what size boiler.

    Normal steam locos have a fire brick arch inside the fire box. What is this for and is it needed on miniature locos?
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  3. swj99

    swj99 Member

    7 Nov 2011
  4. John Webb

    John Webb Established Member

    5 Jun 2010
    St Albans
    There are a huge range of model locomotives about, and the boiler size will depend on what sort you are modelling. For example, a model of a standard gauge loco will have a smaller boiler than that of a narrow-gauge model running on the same 5.5" or 7.25" track.

    The construction of boilers is particularly carefully controlled, and has to be checked after construction and every year or two by an independent assessor before you are given an insurance certificate; and without such a certificate you cannot run your loco outside your own back garden! I strongly advise finding your local model engineering society who have suitable running tracks available. You will find them helpful in both the construction and the running of your loco, plus giving you somewhere to run it.
  5. silverfoxcc

    silverfoxcc Member

    17 Apr 2012

    Have you got anywhere yet?
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