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Bus connection for Stena Line Rail&Sail in Belfast

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17 Jan 2012
I don't think it's been recorded here that, following pressure from myself and others, Translink have recently greatly improved connections to from the rail-connected sailings at Belfast Port (Stena Line - Cairnryan route).

Please see http://www.translink.co.uk/Documents/Timetables/Metro PDFS/metro96.pdf

Nearly all sailings on which Rail & Sail tickets are valid now have a bus connection. And the service has been extended from five days a week to seven.

The early departures from Belfast on Saturday and Sunday have no connection. The only non-connected Rail & Sail service all week round is the last arrival of the day from Cairnryan. Unfortunately passengers will still need to get a taxi from this one. (This is despite a Translink coach meeting this ferry to pick up passengers from the through coach service. This coach used to accept people with walk-on tickets but stopped doing so some time ago. Seemingly due to some technicality about which taxi drivers had complained.)

Although the inbound connections are all well timed, unfortunately some of the outward connections to the ferry are a bit on the early side due to Translink trying to keep costs down by using the same bus to pick up passengers from the inbound sailing.

Nevertheless this is a welcome improvement, so top marks to Translink for doing its bit to improve integrated transport here.

Fare is £1.80 single, or Belfast all-day tickets can also be used (and bought on the bus if desired) - http://www.translink.co.uk/Metro/Footer/Metro-Day-Tickets/

Given that a taxi is around £10, using the bus gives a big percentage saving on a through Rail & Sail journey.
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