Caltrain Calmod & Funding Crisis Updates.


6 Jan 2019
Caltrain is a commuter rail service, serving the Bay Area between San Francisco and San Jose.

Before the Coronavirus crisis, Caltrain was busy with the Calmod project, designed to bring faster and more frequent service to the corridor with electrification and positive train control as well as function as the corridor bringing California high speed rail trains into San Francisco. Stadler KISS EMUs are designed to mostly replace diesel locos and bi-level rail cars.
Electrification of Caltrain - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Caltrain Modernization | Demystified (A video by RM Transit)

Unfortunately, due to Caltrain being 70% self funded by farebox revenue, the Coronavirus crisis has significantly hit their source of income. Due to California being California, proposals to help prop up the service with extra funding (through a sales tax) are being repeatedly shot down. An engineering disaster comedy podcast favorite of mine covered this issue, as well as looking at rail funding and elements of US rail history in some more detail.
Well There's Your Problem | Episode 35: Caltrain Defunding

If funding cannot be sourced, Caltrain might be forced to suspend operations in the short-mid term future. This would be a shame, especially considering the ongoing upgrades to the service. I'm unsure if the progress of Calmod has been affected by the funding issues.