Car Crashes on/next to railway

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6 Nov 2009
BBC News

A driver was killed when his car crashed off the road leaving debris on a stretch of railway line in Hampshire.
British Transport Police said the driver, who has not been identified, was pronounced dead at the scene on Allington Lane, Fair Oak.
There were major delays on South West Trains throughout the afternoon because of debris blocking the line.
Police said Allington Lane was expected to remain closed for the afternoon and advised motorists to avoid the area.
Trains between Fareham and Eastleigh were delayed or diverted via Guildford or Southampton.
A British Transport Police spokesman said: "We received reports at 12:37 on Thursday 9 June of a car on the tracks near Allington Lane, Hampshire....

Services were up the spout earlier due to this one, very tragic and thoughts with all those concerned!

Initial report was a car crashed on to the track, but I notice BBC news say it crashed adjacent with debris spread across the line. As far as Im aware it occurred line side, though not directly on the track. Luckily no train involved, though it does remind me of Oxshott a few years back.
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