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Castleton Trackwork

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26 Nov 2018
Hello all,
I've got some questions about the junctions at Castleton that join onto the ELR that I cant seem to find anything online.

I seem to recall the pointwork for Castleton South Junction onto the southern side of the triangle to Heywood had been "Plain Lined" with the pointwork still in place but straight rails through them. Over the past few months I've been commuting under the bridge the junction sits more or less on top of around 3AM and there has been a number of works vehicle and workers on there, is there plans to open the junction back up or is it being removed permanently?

With the Steelworks shut there is an abundance of derelict sidings over the site, from what I can gather only the line from Heywood, the loop by the signal box and the points to get from the Down to the Up line are used, is there any other infrastructure still officially open to traffic? I see the sidings on the opposite side to the steelworks have been cut off for years with Rochdale Box now dropped in the middle of them, but the number of sidings by the loop, are they still open?

Thanks for any help
Not open for further replies.