Central Trains Destination Blinds

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30 Dec 2009
I collect Train Destination Blinds, i am after any CENTRAL TRAINS destination blinds that anyone has that they would like to sell, whether it be from a class 150, 153 or 156 please get intouch as i would be very interested to purchase these. (black and yellow or black and white i am not bothered as long as its for CENTRAL TRAINS).

There is one CT destination blind i would really like to get hold of, it was printed in 2000 and there was only around 18 printed. The blind starts with Aberystwyth and ends with York - some of the other unusual destinations it had printed on it were: Bristol, Bath Spa, Leeds, York.

The destinations of Birmingham, Lincoln, Nottingham, Shrewsbury, Skegness all had:

via Derby or via Leicester underneath them.

This type of blind was fitted to:

150106 – 52106
150216 – 57216
153321 – No1 End
153323 – No2 End
153356 – No1 End
153366 – No1 End
153371 – No1 End
153383 – Both
153385 – No1 End
156405 – 57405
156408 – Both
156409 – Both
156413 – 57413
156414 – 57414
156416 – 52416

So if anyone can help, please get intouch as i would willing to purchase from you!
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