Chilterns + Blue Pullman 07/07

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25 Jun 2005
Rail replacement bus cab
Today I left home at 06:20, and arrived at King's Cross at 07:30. The Blue Pullman ECS with Fraggo 31452 arrived on time at 07:36. Light 87028 arrived a perfect hour late at 07:40 - I think that the wrong path had been put into trust.

The Blue Pullman left hot and on time at 07:54, with 31452 going off light to East Ham. So I took the Victoria Line to Seven Sisters and went to South Tottenham, where it was due at 08:55. It did not show up, despite leaving on time, and had been routed through Statford/Forest Gate instead of NLL - Lea Jn - Temple Mills - Coppermill - Tottenham South - South Tottenham - Woodgrange Park. I left there at 09:10, having seen some 150s and 66063 light.

At Euston, I discovered that 1R90 Rugby to Euston was caped, so the double headed 87 test run did not go ahead. There were some EWS 90s and a pair of Thunderbirds stabled in the station. I then took the bus 205 to Marylebone.

I asked a member of station staff about the status of the NR 150 track recorder, and as friendly as ever, he rang Control, and was informed that it was 20 minutes late. It did not show up however, so I bought an Extension ticket to Aylesbury. I participated in the 2 minute silence for the 7/7 heros. I then went off to pick up my phone from the repair shop..

After visiting Modelzone in Holborn, I made my way back to Marylebone and then took the 15:27 stopper to Aylesbury via the Met. We arrived on time at 16:26. The usual procession of Bubbles were there, and 121020 was on the shuttle to Princes Risborough. It was due to leave at 16:44. The 6M80 Dagenham to Calvert via Risborough came through Aylesbury at 16:40 but I was already on the Bubble, and I thought it had long gone on the Calvert line, so I missed it.

I took the Bubble to Princes Risborough, then took the 17:09 Turbo to Gerrard's Cross. After spending a bit of time there, I took the 18:07 Clubman Turbofreak 002 to London Marylebone, walked to Baker Street, took the Jubilee to Waterloo East then got a train home.

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