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Class 87 Railtour

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9 Jun 2005
National Community Rail Festival to feature Class 87 Railtour

‘one’ is to run a special railtour between London and Norwich with a Class 87 electric locomotive (87019 ACORP – Association of Community Rail Partnerships) on Saturday 24 September to coincide with the first national Community Rail Festival being held in Norfolk hosted by ‘one’, Norfolk County Council and ACORP.

As well as seeing the appropriate use of the Class 87 locomotive named after ACORP, the tour will see possibly the first use of a Class 87 on a passenger train to Norwich. The fares for the tour are £45.00 Standard and £70.00 First Class and customers can purchase tickets by calling ‘one’s special booking line on 01603 214529 (Mondays – Fridays).

‘one’ is also running special additional locomotive-hauled trains between Norwich and Great Yarmouth on Saturday 24 September and between Norwich and Lowestoft on Sunday 25 September to coincide with the Community Rail Festival.
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