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Class 91 Cab Detail Differences

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13 Jan 2019
I’ve read somewhere that the first ten Class 91s (001-010) had a slightly different cab layout (as built) to the last 21 (011-031). Is this true? I’m afraid I’ve not been in enough class 91 cabs to notice the subtleties. Was this the case at both no.1 and no.2 ends?

I presume that some of these detail differences were lost when the 91s were refurbished and became 91/1s, but are any still noticeable? Am I right in thinking that the no.2 end (slab end) cabs were not as extensively refurbished as the no.1 end, so may have preserved more of the original detail differences?

Does anyone have photos of an as-built cab from one of 91001-010, and of one from 91011-031, just to illustrate this?
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