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Community Rail designation for Barton Line

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10 Sep 2006
Barton Upon Humber
Not entirely new news as Network Rail proposed community rail designation earlier this year so I guess this is the DfT response


The Barton-Upon-Humber-to- Cleethorpes rail link could receive Community Rail status later this year, according to a Government Minister.

The Under Secretary of State for Transport, Tom Harris, has told Barton and Cleethorpes MP Shona McIsaac such status would help secure the line's long- term future and increase its value in meeting local transport needs.Ms McIsaac has welcomed the Government's recognition of the good work undertaken by the recently formed Barton and Cleethorpes Community Rail Partnership.

Writing to members of Barton Town Council, Ms McIsaac said she was delighted the work of the BCCRP had already been recognised by the Department of Transport.

The MP said she had been told by Tom Harris, Under Secretary of State for Transport, it was proposed to designate the line between Barton and Ulceby North Junction as a Community Rail Line - helping secure its long-term future.

Although the designation covered the infrastructure from Barton to Ulceby, trains would continue to run to Cleethorpes as at present, said Mr Harris.

He added the objective was to look at short-term improvements and a longer-term development strategy to ensure the line could play a greater role in meeting local transport needs.

"Discussions are already well advanced with local stakeholders, including the local councils and the Community Rail Partnership itself on developing the line.

"A number of schemes are planned which will benefit local communities as well as the railway.

"We are initiating a formal consultation with other local and rail industry stakeholders, with a view to introducing Community Rail status for the line late this year," he said.
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