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Coventry Electric Railway Centre - Security Update - Please Read

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7 Jan 2006
Due to the high level of security affecting UK airports at the moment
the Coventry Electric Railway Centre has had a meeting with the
Police at their site which neighbours Coventry Airport, an
international passenger and cargo air terminal. At this meeting it
was made known that security at the airport and the surrounding area
has been dramatically increased with the Police now including the
CERC site as part of their revised patrol by ARMED OFFICERS.

It has been known on several occasions in the past for rail
enthusiasts to make unannounced visits to the site to view the
collection of vintage electric trains and 'help themselves' when
finding the gates locked. Whilst the CERC has never condoned this
activity it has been unable to do anything to prevent these acts of
trespass occurring. The management of the CERC would like it to be
known that these acts of trespass on its site should not be further
attempted by unauthorised and unannounced visitors, this is for your
own safety.

The CERC would like to remind all members of the enthusiast community
that the site is not open to the public but private prearranged
visits can still be made; details of which can be found on the
www.emus.co.uk web site.

Could all rail enthusiast ensure this information is made widely know
as it is in no ones interests for a day out pursuing one's hobby to
end tragically. Please feel free to pass this message on to other

Graeme Gleaves
Coventry Electric Railway Centre
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