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16 Nov 2009
Dear All,

The Forum Staff have decided that during the current pandemic that, as this represents such a large fraction of discussion currently, that a dedicated sub-forum is warranted. Our intention behind this sub-forum is to try and contain all the thread directly related to COVID-19 in one place. We hope this to mean several things:
  1. It will be easy for people who are interested in the topic to find relevant threads by having them in one place.
  2. By having them in one place it will hopefully cut down on the amount of duplication that we've seen in recent weeks.
  3. For people who want a break from COVID-19 it will hopefully make it easier for those people to avoid threads where that is the main subject.
This new sub-forum will contain railway subject and non-railway subjects so please do keep that in mind when viewing and posting. The Forum Staff will keep the situation under review and we look forward to the day when we can disband the sub-forum entirely.

You can find it here or by going to "Other Forums" from the Forum list.

The Forum Staff
Not open for further replies.