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COVID impact on private healthcare


8 Oct 2006
Couldn't really see a suitable place to post this in one of the existing threads, so opted to create a new one..

My company's private healthcare policy has just been renewed as it's the start of our financial year. Despite HR / Reward departments shopping around across all the usual suspects, our policies have gone up by 117% year-on-year, and the excess has increased by 100% (£100 to £200 per annum).

The provider (BUPA in this instance) cite an exponential increase in supporting the NHS over the past 12 months which severely restricted capacity in 2020, along with a significant backlog of claims now coming in from people who didn't for whatever reason do so in 2020, but have subsequently done so in 2021 so far.

I appreciate that company subsided private healthcare is a nice perk to have and shouldn't be treated as a given, but thought the unprecedented increase in cost might be of interest to those who browse this corner of the forum. I'd also be interested to hear how others' policies change as they're renewed, by way of comparison.

Cheers ~ Jim.
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26 Oct 2013
I've been waiting to have my tonsils removed having had a pre-op with a locum surgeon on the NHS in the last week of January 2020, so 17 months, having been shafted by the COVID chaos. As we speak they're doing my nut in.

I tried out of some degree of desperation to pay a private provider (any will do) to get rid of them - "there's a very long waiting list, we are proud to be supporting the NHS".

OK, they're not going to kill me, but it has a significant effect on my quality of life.

No one can tell me when it's likely to happen so it rolls on. I'd still pay for it tomorrow.