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  1. neildimmer

    neildimmer Established Member

    4 Jan 2009
    Evening all

    I have added a second set of Caledonian Railway photos featuring this time the Pickersgill designed locos again from the 1930’s & 1950’s

    1930’s photos include

    14472 (54472) at forres Pickersgill Caledonian 713 and 918 Classes
    14758 Pickersgill (River class - originally designed for Highland Railway) Edinburgh
    17652 Pickersgill 300 class CR type 3F 0-6-0 1936

    1950’s photos start here

    Including these 2 photos of 57667 Pickersgill 294 Class Caledonian Railway (LMS) 294 Class on the Ballachulish branch 1957

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  3. caliwag

    caliwag Member

    29 Mar 2009
    Splendid stuff Neil..again thanks for posting. Apparently one of those big tanks from Beattock (apparently not too popular) was allocated at Stirling and unbelievably found its way to Crieff. I can only assume it was on a works train, but I suppose it could have been a goods train...or a troop train to Culty near Comrie...could do with a snap of that.

    Apologies for being very very parochial, but there was a delightful article in Trains Illustrated April 1956 called 'I remember Crieff' by the excellent R D Stephen, describing all the Caley, Highland and excursion workings through Crieff, especially if the main line from Perth to the South had problems. There was a follow up by F Turner of York (letters June 56) outlining further memories, including all the unusual locos that visited the apparent backwater...a V1, Stanier 2-6-4T, Caley 2-6-0, a GN Ivatt 4-4-0 as well the afforementioned big tank and Crabs. Laterly movements were handled by Pickersgill Caley Bogies (mainly because they had big coal capacity) and the Railway Observer noted that on the day of closure to St Fillans and Balquidder (1951) there were three Caley Bogies in Crieff...two on passenger, one in goods yard.

    Once the Railbuses were seen off in the 60s all freight and passenger was handled by Black fives and Standard 2-6-4tanks.

    Told you it was a very parochial response!
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