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CVR Cauldon Lowe Running day 1st April

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28 Dec 2011
Hi all

Just a quick report on my visit to the Churnet Valley today, had expected to be behind a steamer & the 104 DMU. But, much to this Diesel fan's delight....a class 33 was at the helm (33021 Captain Charles), result!! :)

Anyway i'd never been before despite living fairly close & was treated to an excellent day. The Cauldon Lowe branch really does give this railway some serious extra miles & a return trip from Kingsley & Froghall is well over 2 hours long.

Speaking to one of their many friendly volunteers the next phase will be passenger services over the 4 miles to Endon by September & with all the other big developments (rumours of the extension to Leek being confirmed!?) its set to be exciting times down in this valley! :) A few pictures below, thanks for reading.


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