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18 Mar 2016
Dear All,

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I usually use the train to travel some of the distance home from work with my push bike. At my home station it is often busy with commuters and sometimes I am the last person of from my carriage.

When this happens instead of people letting me off the train they push past me preventing me from getting off unless I use my bike to push back. When I get a chance to get off the door is closing and locked by the guard so I have no choice but to travel to the next station and then go back to my home station.

There are no peak time cycle restrictions for my journey and there is always space for my bike without preventing people from using the train comfortably.

My question to you is twofold really:

Would I be liable for a return fare from my home station to the next one as I did not choose to remain on the train and had no intention of making the journey I did?

As it is a penalty fare station would I be issued with a penalty fare as I will not have a valid ticket for the journey I am making, even though I am not making the journey by choice?


Can I be issued a penalty fare if I travel without a ticket for the following reason: I could not get of the train at the station I have a valid ticket for a problem that is no fault of my own?
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28 Jan 2012
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Sounds more like you should speak up for yourself and let those know who are pushing on that you need to get off.
I take my bike on permitted commuter trains and have never found it hard to politely let fellow travellers know I need to get off at the next stop and I have never had a problem getting me and my bike off the trains.
Mind you if a train is busy I choose not to board in the first place and wait for the next one
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