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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Dibuzz, 14 Aug 2019.

  1. Dibuzz

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    19 Apr 2019
    Asking this one on behalf of a friend. She had 2 tickets, an advance single from Scarborough to Manchester and the unused return portion of an off peak return from Manchester to Earlestown. She was on the 20:44 Scarborough train and intended to change trains at Newton-le-Willows. Unfortunately, the train was stopped short at Manchester Victoria. After a lot of faffing, all passengers were put on a minibus. Long and short of it is, she got to Earlestown at 01:50, more than 2 hours after the scheduled journey time including the change of trains at Newton. Is she entitled to delay repay for the single ticket and the off peak return? Who does she claim from, Northern or TPE?
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  3. alistairlees

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    29 Dec 2016
    She should claim from the TOC that caused the delay in the first place, in this case TPE.

    She is entitled to compensation based on the full value of the Advance single and half the value of the Off-Peak Return.

    Because the delay is greater than 2 hours she is entitled to 100% of the value of the described above to be provided as compensation. The split ticket part is not relevant, assuming she was planning a valid connection at Newton-le-Willows, and she was travelling on the train she was booked on for the Advance ticket.
  4. gray1404

    gray1404 Established Member

    3 Mar 2014
    Your friend is entitled to delay repay for 100% of the value of the Advance single (this value kicks in for delays of 60 minutes or more) and 100% of cost of the Off Peak Return (this value kick in for delays of 120 minutes or more). She must have allowed the minimum connection time when planning to change trains. Transpennie Express do not always pay out the correct value when it comes to split tickets so she may need to respond to them to ask for any shortfall they do not pay out initially.

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