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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by gcmozart, 11 Sep 2019.

  1. gcmozart

    gcmozart Member

    28 Apr 2016
    Ashford, Kent
    Am I correct in thinking I should be getting a 30-59 minute level compensation? (SWR have judged it to be in the 15-29 minute bracket)

    Date 23/08/2019

    Planned journey
    Kingston 21:48
    Waterloo 22:19
    Waterloo East 22:43
    Headcorn 23:44

    Actual Journey
    Kingston 21:48
    Waterloo 22:42
    Waterloo East 23:13
    Headcorn 00:16

    Thus my expected arrival at my final destination of 23:44 was delayed by 32 minutes.
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  3. Dibbo4025

    Dibbo4025 Member

    21 Mar 2018
    Yes, although Recenttraintimes has an arrival of 0015 but that's still 31 minutes late so 30-59.

    I find quite often with SWR the first time you apply for DR they only look at the delay to the first train, not the whole journey but if you appeal clearly stating intended and actual journeys they generally agree
  4. robbeech

    robbeech Established Member

    11 Nov 2015
    Yes. Many operators have automated systems in place for the initial claim that simply do not work. Whilst I’m not suggesting this is the attitude of any particular operator you could possibly understand why there would be little incentive to fix this as it would end up costing them more. Many people would just accept their offer and/or give up.

    That said, there can be some discrepancies in running records so sometimes the figure you see on RTT or the likes might not be the figure they use to process your delay repay claim. Opinions on whether this is fair do vary somewhat here.

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