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DJ 8-0 and the Ghost of Fareham tunnel 1

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7 Jun 2005
Marwell Zoo
It started off like any other afternoon for DJ 8-0, he was 60 points down in the lunchtime card game and failing badly to spoil it for everyone else, inbetween shouting all his usual insults about cheating and conspiracies.
As the end of lunchtime approached the gang turned they're attention to the afternoon's work; patrol the single line through Fareham tunnels 1 and 2.
It's well known that DJ 8-0 believes in ghosts, especially the one in Fareham tunnel 1, so all the usual whistling, howling and calling DJ 8-0's name rebounds round the table, before the cards go flying and he walks out.

Kev the Bev drives us round to the London side of Fareham tunnel 2 and everybody piles out. At this point DJ 8-0 realises he is the only person without a torch or helmet light and immediatly launches into another round of abuse, only to be laughed off by everybody, making him even more aggrevated.
We walk down the steps of the access point and out into the cess, where DJ 8-0 gets his first sight of the mouth of Fareham tunnel 2, cue more howling and whistling from TheSlash and TheJackman. We set off at a steady pace back towards Fareham, and soon enter tunnel 2 where the whistling and howling is joined by screams and cries of "Help me DJ 8-0", but DJ 8-0 is too focussed on the darkness to care.
We trudge out the other side of the tunnel and into the gap between tunnel 2 and tunnel 1, where we wait for a train to pass us on it's way to Fareham, as the red lights disappeared into tunnel 1, it was time for some ghost train jokes aimed at DJ 8-0, who was really up tight by now.
We resume our trudge and into the real blackness of tunnel 1 {alot darker than tunnel 2} where the howling, shreeking and calling DJ 8-0 intensifies. TheSlash proudly states that the ghost isn't going to get him, and takes the lead, TheSlash soon as DJ 8-0 by his side. As we progress through the tunnel, the group get bored of howling etc and we walk in silence, even better as DJ 8-0 begins to sweat.
About a minute of silent trudging later, footsteps behind TheSlash quicken, TheSlash, knowing whats coming, moves to one side and switches off his torch, just in time for the chargeman to bring his hand firmly down on DJ 8-0's shoulder, with accompanying scream.
DJ 8-0 screams at the top of his voice, but before he can turn, the TC and the rest of the group have all turned they're lights out and so disappeared into the darkness. DJ 8-0 begins searching the area behind him with the light from a mobile phone, shouting several swear words and insults at the group, who have all now crept past him in darkness. As he turns back to his original direction, everybody switches they're lights on together with another brilliant scream.
DJ 8-0 shot past the group, grabbing the torch from TheJackman as he passed, and proceeded to head for daylight as quick as his feet would carry him, whilst TheSlash and friends fell about laughing in the tunnel.
Needless to say DJ 8-0 refused to speak to anybody for the rest of the walk back to the yard.
The fun wasn't over yet, as we phoned Kev the Bev to fill him in on the trick. As we approached the yard, Kev the Bev came running out with his mobile in hand shouting "It's for you DJ 8-0, it's the ghostbusters returning your call" :blob2:
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9 Jun 2005
Brill :D I seem to remember another tunnel is meant to have a famous ghost that drviers have reported seeing. I think it is of a soldier who was hit during an army training exercise a long time back.
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