Does anybody remember the Freedom of Anglia Rover?

Discussion in 'Railway History & Nostalgia' started by Old Yard Dog, 10 Jun 2019.

  1. Old Yard Dog

    Old Yard Dog Member

    21 Aug 2011
    Can anybody help me as I am having a mental block? My missus is confident that we did the Harwich line in 1992, but I haven't coloured it in in my Baker. So I searched through my old ticket box and found a 7-day "Freedom of Anglia Rover" from 1992, a bargain at £29.50, and a contemporaneous saver from Chester to Peterborough.

    From this I deduce that the now defunct FoA rover must have extended to Peterborough, unlike today's "Anglia Plus 3 in 7". My question is - did the Freedom of Anglia Rover also extend to Harwich Town (as I can't find a separate ticket for that line)? A second question is were there regular through workings from Ipswich to Harwich in 1992 or did nearly all the Harwich trains go from Manningtree?
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  3. Ken H

    Ken H Established Member

    11 Nov 2018
    in Greece on holiday
    Yes. I managed to get one off the guard on a brum-ipswich train as I started at Nuneaton. Went all the way to Ipswich. then felixtowe, back to westerfield, then up to Lowestoft. Across to Norwich then back to peterborough and on to nuneaton.
  4. PeterC

    PeterC Established Member

    29 Sep 2014
    I remember using the 1970s incarnation for a "staycation" when SWMBO and I had a new mortgage. Back them it certainly did include the Harwich branch as we visited the branch. I can't remember if it went to Peterborough but I don't think that it did as we would probably have visited.

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