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9 Jun 2005
Here, you can post links to any Dorset Coast activities you make/find and I will add them to this list as I can tell alread the route is a very popular one and a few members here are creating activities already!

Brokenhurst - Bournemouth Stopper by Tom Cairns.
Bournemouth - Weymouth by Alex Spittle.
Poole Sdgs - Soton by Anton C May.
Lymington Pier Shuttles by Martin Speed.
Class 450 Desiro Failure by Matt Spencer.
Virgin Poole to Newcastle by Matt Spencer.
Weymouth - Waterloo (afa Soton) by Matt Spencer.
Manchester to Poole Class 47 by Simon T.
Weymouth - Manchester Class 47 by Alex Spittle.
London Victoria - Bournemouth by Tom Cairns.
SWT Seaside Slammer Tour by Tom Cairns.
Semi-Fast To Southampton by Martin Speed.
Class 442 To Weymouth by Jonathan Powell.
Fictional Southampton Shuttles by James Corcoran.
Nuclear Flask Run by Richard Armstrong.
Wessex Excursion by Davis Johnson.
Lymington Slammers by Davis Johnson.
Weymouth Wanderings by David Johnson
Coastal Couplings by David Johnson
Poole to Bournemouth 421 by James Corcoran
Homeward Bound by David Johnson.
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