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East Midlands Model Shops....

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30 Jun 2009
A couple I have not been to before, but am looking to pay a visit to soon, so has anyone been to either? Are they worth the visit?

Firstly Railway and Barter Shop at Long Eaton. I hear they are a pretty decent bunch who run the place, and very friendly, and also that it has a decent second hand section. This is my main reason to visit as we are helping the nephew add a few bits and pieces to his layout, he is only 6 so second hand is fine.

Secondly Loughborough Model Centre at Derby. I only found out that they had a shop in Derby the other day, in the old Trainlines of Derby shop, something due to their Loughborough shop suffering a fire. The website don't show to much, looks like the listing don't get update very often, a lot of stuff is pre order and the special offers section has no listing at all. Again, is it worth a visit?

I do most of my shopping through Hattons online, and Gee Dee and Modelzone in Nottingham, as a comparison.

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7 Feb 2011
Hi CallySleeperKid,

Depends what you are looking for, but both are very good!

Railway & Barter Shop is my 'local'; I've been using them for years, and they are superb. Neil and Betty are extremely friendly and helpful.
The second-hand section is rather good, although "scattered" (locos, wagons and coaches are in different parts of the shop).
If you can't see what you want, chances are they will have it.
Unfortunately, they do not have a website.

LMC Derby is also fairly good, although it is split between diecast (mainly buses) and railways. They also have a small selection of secondhand stock, although I've found this to be somewhat pricey sometimes.
If you are after a particular model, it would be advisable to give them a call prior to your visit.


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